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Last Updated:
Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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Chow Dog Rescue's policy is to have every dog spayed or neutered, microchipped and vaccinated before placement.

Name: Red
Age: Young Adult
Location: Novato, California

Red was found running at large and no one came to claim him
Does not associate with people initially and is more interested in the environment around him
Happy to see you and is friendly while on leash with people he meets
We are not sure if he is good with other dogs or cats. We will provide an update soon.
Food motivated

Name: Missy
Age: 1 Year
Location: Chow Dog Rescue
Missy was found roaming the streets during a rainy day. She appeared to have given birth recently. Unfortunately, after many postings in the local newspapers, social media and around the area where she was found, her owner never came forward.
Missy is a very sweet dog that is full of energy. She is good with other dogs but very interested in cats. She has never been off a leash near the cats as she appears to want to chase them.

Name: Argo
Age: 8 Years
Location: Antioch, California
Very sweet . Appears to be good with other dogs and cats. Argo was found in an elementary school.

No, I am not trying to fool you. My name is PeeWee and I am a puppy that was rescued from the streets when I had no place to go. I think the guy that found me felt sorry for me so he decided to give me a second chance. I didn't think about it twice, so I jumped inside his truck without any hesitation. I now live with a bunch of chows.
Even though I have access to a large yard several times per day, I still go to the bathroom in my kennel and I love to chew my blanket. I am completely the opposite of the chows that live with me but because I am so small, cute and affectionate, I get away with it.
I love running and playing. My best friend is Kai and if I get adopted, I would love to go to a home with a big yard and other dogs to play with.

Location: Chow Dog Rescue

Name: Flash
Age: 7 Years
Location: Chow Dog Rescue
Loves to run.  Good with some dogs. Will get along with cats.

Name: Kai
Age: 11 Years
Gender:  Male
Location: Chow Dog Rescue
Kai is an incredible dog.  He is extremely sweet and affectionate, smart and great with other dogs and cats.  Kai appears to be mixed with Labrador retriever.  Kai would love a home with a large yard where he can run and play

Name: Boy
Age:9 Years
Gender:  Male
Location: Chow Dog Rescue
Boy is a very sweet and intelligent chow mix.  We found Boy roaming the streets. After a week of trying to catch him, we were finally successful! Boy gets along with other selected dogs and cats. Boy can be very sweet and loves to please.  He will love a home with a large yard where he can exercise.